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What We Ate This Week [4]

Oh gosh. It’s Tuesday!

I am so behind on my posts… yikes! Ok. So last week was pretty successful in the dinner department. I’m actually pretty proud of myself!

photo 1

Monday: For lunch, we ate the rest of the leftover soup from last week, with hemp hearts sprinkled on top. I also made Daiya grilled ‘cheez’ sandwiches. SO yummy. For dinner, I made simple tofu pad thai again.

photo 2

Tuesday: ‘Snobby Joes’ from Veganomicon. I really like these. Tomatoey, with lots of seasoning. I usually skip the bread for myself (this was Chris’ plate). I don’t bother buying buns unless I know they’re all going to get used in a couple days.

Wednesday: Tofu Bake from Veganomicon with homemade BBQ sauce and rice. This is one of my go-to dishes for during the week. So simple. The only thing is, I haven’t had time lately to make any BBQ sauce! But, I found some time between getting food ready for our trip and got it done. It makes a pretty big batch so there will be enough for two more dinners!

Thursday is trip day! Hooray for a short week of cooking 🙂

Jasper Trip, Day 4


Well, the conference is over.

Chris didn’t feel like getting out of bed to go for brunch so he let me use his meal ticket. OH MY GOODNESS! The room was FULL of food! He has been eating like royalty this whole time and I have been eating homemade quinoa salad out of a hotel glass! They had fruit, eggs, waffles, chicken, desserts… random, I know. They even had a table just for vegans! Which is a nice idea even though all it had one it was cut fruit, granola and soy milk. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

So I took some of the granola with soy milk and a bowl of fruit. And then I thought, “I can’t ‘just’ eat that with all this other food around!” So I grabbed a scoop of Saskatoon berry bread pudding and a mini lemon meringue tart. The pudding was amazing! The tart was a little too sweet for me, however. I washed everything down with a cup of coffee and decided I’d better leave before I make myself sick eating all the delicious food!

Back at the room, I started packing up all our things. We were ready to check out at 11, a whole HOUR before check out time! Which is miraculous for us.


After check out we finally got to head up to the Tramway!IMG_2084

At 7,500ft, Jasper looks even more amazing! Though after we got up there it started snowing pretty hard… it was cold up there!


We ate lunch at the restaurant at the top of the Tramway. It was a good price and was hot and yummy. I really wanted the locally-raised lamb burger, but of course that was the only thing on the menu that they didn’t have! They had just opened that weekend and were still getting everything sorted out.


Then we took the Tram back down, jumped in the car, and drove home! After a quick stop in Edmonton for some sushi at dinner time, we were on the road again. We made it home at around 9:30pm, just in time for bed!


Thanks to Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and the Alberta Library Association for a fun event. What a great weekend. I’m so glad I finally got to see the Rockies.

Jasper Trip, Day 3

Today was kind of a relaxed day. Chris had lots of seminars, so after lunch, Braeden and I went back into town for a little bit. It was windy and cold so we didn’t stay too long. I was DETERMINED to get a coffee from the SnowDome, so I got some cash and down into the laundromat we went. Yes, this coffee bar is inside a laundromat.

IMG_2015This is the top of Braeden’s head, posing with my delicious decaf almond milk vanilla latte. OH GOSH. Better than Starbucks, hands down. It was sweet, foamy, rich and a delicious.

Braeden and I went down to the Kids Club after we got back. What a great idea! It was a huge room filled with tons of toys. They even had an XBox 360 with the dance game playing. I don’t know what it’s called but it was fun! I tried to get a video of Chris dancing to Baby, One More Time but he caught me and deleted it.

IMG_2016Then we went for our last outdoor swim. The health club attendant was so sweet during our whole stay. She has a nephew named Braiden so she always made sure to say hi. She brought him a little toy dinosaur to play with in the pool as well. Braeden loved it!

After our swim, Chris went to his special Black and White dinner. Braeden had a nap when we got back to the room. Then, all three of us went to the dance for the conference. They had a photobooth set up that printed out free pictures. Ours didn’t turn out perfectly and I wanted to go back but I forgot!

alc pic

For being a grey and drizzly day, it turned out pretty fun!

Jasper Trip, Day 2

Today was pretty low-key. Chris had a bunch of seminars and sessions to attend for his conference so Braeden and I hung out together for most of the day.


After we ate some of the oatmeal I had brought, we got dressed and ventured out into the Jasper townsite. I loved the backdrop of the mountains, and the trains moving through the hills. Today was grey but the rain managed to keep away for our purposes. I took Braeden around in the stroller and we checked out all of the shops and clothing stores on the main drag. I got a super adorable necklace and one for my niece. Plus fudge. You can’t walk by fresh fudge and not buy some. You just can’t. I also grabbed a few groceries for our hotel room.

I stopped into one cafe that I was really looking forward to checking out. They do gluten free muffins and apparently have the best coffee in Jasper! They also make their coffees with soy OR almond milk! Awesome! Except for one thing. They only take cash. And I had MAYBE 30 cents in my wallet. I will grab some cash from Chris and maybe try again tomorrow if the rain isn’t too bad.

We were supposed to do the Jasper Tramway ride today as well, but Chris ended up having an extra meeting that we didn’t account for so we will do it sometime before we leave!

He has my phone at his social event tonight so he could maybe snap a picture of himself with one of his favourite authors. Chris has been chatting him up tonight and went back to have a drink with him, so I’ll have to add my photos later! Cross your fingers for ‘ok’ weather tomorrow…

Jasper Trip, Day 1

We made it!


We left Cold Lake at around 8am. I made some green protein smoothies the night before for a quick breakfast. Little B slept most of the three and a half hour drive to Edmonton. He is used to that drive from going to the airport a few times a year. We stopped at one of the malls in the city for our favourite take-out Pad Thai and to let Braeden stretch his legs. He loved running around, up and down the halls and climbing the stairs. I think it helped to tire him out a little for the second leg of the trip.

A little ways into the second half of the drive I started to see mountain tops on the horizon! It was very, very cool. I’m originally from the east coast of Canada, so oceans and coastal drives are what I’m used to. This was a very different experience.


We stopped for gas in Hinton. As you can see from the above photo (through the giant crack in our windshield), the mountains are already looking very majestic! That’s the only word that comes to mind, really. At this point we were a little less than an hour out of Jasper.

Once you pass through the park gate (side note – Parks Canada… $60 for 3 days? Ouch), the mountain views just get UNREAL. Sorry, you only get to see them through our car windows.

IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1978


Unfortunately, BOTH of our iPhones died shortly after entering the park. I hope to get more shots on our way out on Sunday.

We got to the Lodge and the valets and bellboys were very helpful in pointing my husband toward the checkin for his event. He got his swag-bag and our cabin keys and we went to our room. After we unloaded, we called the valet service to park our car.

We got dressed for the pool and walked back up to the main lodge. We found the pool/health club area and put our things in the change rooms. I could spend the whole rest of the weekend just in the change rooms, I swear. There are rainfall shower heads (is that what they’re called?), a steam room, a sauna, the weight room is around the corner, the spa is next door. Seriously.

Anyway, the water in the pool was nice and warm, just how I like it. The mountains as a backdrop were pretty amazing and you can kind of forgive the nippy (nipply… hee) wind. Unless you’re a baby. Then the wind is still pretty cold!

Chris then got dressed and went to his First Timers’ Reception and dinner. I went for a short walk with Braeden down to Lac Beauvert to take advantage of the low sun and take some pictures. He didn’t make it back to the cabin room before he passed out in the Ergo.

(photo is supposed to go here but the wifi connection is weak!… I’ll try again tomorrow)

Chris came back after his reception and brought me a little glass with chocolate mousse that I ate with a Keurig coffee. Sweet ending to an awesome day! I can’t wait to explore more of Jasper tomorrow!

Last Minute Trip Prep!


We are leaving for the Rockies tomorrow morning! I’m so excited to see the mountains and beautiful landscapes and explore the town of Jasper. We are staying at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for the 2013 Alberta Library Conference.

Today, I made a big batch of quinoa bean salad (Quinoa 365) to pack for myself. I had made a big jar of ready-to-go oatmeal (just add water!) yesterday… but I already sampled some so I’ll have to re-fill the jar. Good news. It’s delicious! I’m also going to make some chocolate macaroon cookie balls before bed to bring as well. If I make them any sooner I’ll just end up snacking on them!

I’m currently washing B’s diapers so they’ll be all clean and ready to go. I will have one more small load of laundry to do once I get home from the arena. I’ve been spending some time at the rink again, working on my next level of coaching certification. I was going to bring my workbook with me, but I’ve actually completed a lot of it so I feel comfortable leaving it at home. It will be here waiting for me when I get back!

I did a quick HIIT workout last night. It was great, except when I was done, my knees felt ‘twinge-y’ again. I think it was a combination of the tuck jumps I was doing along with spending a couple of hours on my skates on Monday. I think today I’ll just do a few yoga stretches in preparation for the long drive tomorrow.

Eep! Can’t wait. Where is your favourite road-trip destination?

Homemade Instant Oatmeal


It’s no secret. I love a good hot breakfast. Pancakes, eggs (which I’m recently discovering I’m sensitive to… Boo), French toast (gluten AND eggs – a real winner, but my husband’s favourite) and last but most certainly not least – oatmeal! Or rice cereal. But that’s another post for another day.

We are leaving on Thursday to spend the weekend at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for the 2013 Alberta Library Conference. My husband is a board member for our local library so they’re sending him as one of their representatives. His room and food are included in the registration cost, which is great. For him. What about me?! Just kidding. It’s better this way because according to their website, if I were eating alongside my husband at the resort, I’d be shelling out an easy (??) $100 per day on food. Ouch.

So, I’m going to be spending Tuesday and Wednesday prepping a bit of food to bring with us on our Rocky Mountain adventure. Mostly so we don’t end up broke, and also because I can’t eat out a lot anyway because of my food sensitivities. Anything I don’t end up making, I plan to purchase at the local grocery store (ie. veggies and almond-gurt, etc).

I wanted to purchase a box of Glutenfreeda’s instant oatmeal for my breakfasts during our stay. It’s a box with apple, raisin & spice and banana nut flavoured instant oats. My fave. Super tasty, but $6 for a box of 8 packets at Sobey’s here in town.

“Come on… 75 cents for breakfast? How cheap ARE you?” Firstly, you don’t want to know. Secondly, it’s actually $1.50 because everyone knows that one packet is never enough.

So instead of spending that $6 on yummy pre-flavoured oats, I am making my own to bring!

I thought of packing each serving in individual Ziplocs but that seems wasteful and space-consuming for the purpose of our trip. Since I will only be eating this in our hotel room, I’m just going to make a big batch and stick it in a Mason jar. That way, I can pour some into a cup and use the coffee maker to add water.

I will be using the large 1L masons. They hold four cups, approximately. So that’s eight 1/2 cup servings. Im going to do 3 cups to have room for extra ingredients like sugar and cinnamon. Still more than enough for me and lots in case my husband needs an extra snack.

To three cups of oats I am adding:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt

photo 1

Add everything to the jar and shake to mix. You might have to stick a fork in there and break up some of the brown sugar. At least I had to. Breakfasts for the weekend are ready! I will be using the coffee machine to produce hot water. I’ll have bananas with me to add if I want as well.

photo 2

I wanted to see what the cost difference was. Here is an approximate breakdown:
Oats 1kg on sale for $2.49 (I use Robin Hood Quick Oats) = .0024/g
Salt 500g $1.19 = .0024/g
Brown sugar 1kg $1.99 = .002/g
Cinnamon 200g $3.59 = .018/g

Oats 750g x .0024 = $1.80
Salt 5g x .0024 = .02
Sugar 125g x .002 = .25
Cinnamon 8g x .018 = .15
Total cost for six servings: $2.22

photo 3

That’s 37 cents per 1/2 cup serving! Whee! I love saving money, don’t you?