What We Ate This Week [11]

I will keep this short and sweet! Confession: there are no pics. My mind is so preoccupied with my upcoming trip and my husband’s return… I need to start making lists so I don’t forget anything else! Anyway, here is what we munched on for dinner last week.

Monday: Quinoa salad with avocado

Tuesday: Leftover quinoa salad

Wednesday: Spinach and avocado salald with chicken breast

Thursday: I got dressed up on Thursday! And went out! The high school where I coach cheerleading was having their athletics banquet (I’m in photo 3 of this slideshow, clearly in my own happy little world) so all of the teams and coaches from the school were there for a dinner and award presentations. The food was not that bueno for me (had to skip the buns and the Caesar salad), and I ended up with corn, potatoes that were probably loaded with milk and butter, and some kind of beefy slab on my plate. I kind of figured this would happen, so I got over it pretty quickly!

Friday: Hardboiled eggs with a simple salad

Are you forgetful when you’re preoccupied?

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