DIY Deodorant

I just ran out of my favourite deodorant (the grapefruit scent is my favourite), and I’m going to be traveling soon! What’s a girl to do? I can’t just run down to WalMart and pick up whatever chemical concoction is cheapest, or guaranteed to keep me smelling great for 72 hours straight (seriously? No, thanks).

I had made a little pot of ’emergency deodorant’ by mashing up some baking soda in a bit of coconut oil, but this time I wanted to go a little fancier. I found this website that had a recipe for deodorant that included ingredients I already had on hand. I used the second recipe on the page.

I used my Nutiva organic coconut oil for the base, cornstarch for the absorbent part and Eucalyptus oil for the scent. It smells great! Next time I will use a little less coconut oil. I only made half the recipe and poured it into a little glass jar.

1061849_10100465856198961_1075690714_nIt was so simple to make. If you’re afraid the oil will make your pits feel greasy, it doesn’t. It moisturizes them and makes them nice and soft! I like the subtle scent and I find it works just as well as what I was using before.

This is a great cost effective, chemical free, SAFE alternative to drug store deodorant.

What scent would you use in yours?


3 thoughts on “DIY Deodorant

    1. Clair W. Post author

      Even make just a bit to try it out. You may find you have to put a little more on just before and after you work out but for me that’s no big deal. I found after it hardened back up a bit I did have to stir it and now it’s stayed creamy.


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